A Long Winter’s Night: Coming Out of Hiding—or Hiatus

I’ve been taking an extremely long break from fiction. I didn’t intend for my hiatus to last as long as it has, but shit happens. I just hit a funk in life. I’m still in that funk in some ways and some areas, but am ready to get back to the fiction.

I don’t know what I’ll blog about here or how often I will blog. I don’t need the pressure of a blogging schedule right now….so we’re just going to wing it. Lots of great stuff has entered the world from people just winging it, right?

I did get my Story Kit – Story Brainstorming and Story Planning Workbook put up on my Etsy store. I still need to work on the romance and mystery versions.

We’ve also acquired two half grown kittens—and they demand a lot of time, so writing and stuff will have plenty of interruptions from furry friends now. LOL

All the best,

Have you grabbed the sample brainstorming kit yet?

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