Why Starting Your Writing Career on Kindle Can Be a Good Thing

It’s easy to think of writing Kindle fiction as one of those “bright shiny object” online business decisions. Is this really what you want to be doing? If you’re reading this, you have enough interest in it that I’m sure it is—and we all know that writing for Kindle can be profitable.

Feel confident in your decision to write fiction for Kindle—you’re a fiction author as of this moment! Remember, you can publish wide later on, after you get your feet wet.

Why else is it a good idea to write for Kindle?

It’s Popular

Kindle books are extremely popular. More and more, people are buying Kindle devices these days. Amazon has made it extremely easy for people to read Kindle books even if they just want to read them on their computer. There are Kindle apps for the iPhone, iPad, Android devices, and more.

Amazon is an extremely popular website. If your books are up on Kindle, you get the benefit of Amazon’s huge number of daily customers who are ready and waiting to buy your books. Their recommendation algorithms and other “buying boosters” are out of this world.

It’s Fun

Not to mention, it’s extremely fun to write fiction. I believe that we as humans are natural born storytellers. Even if you aren’t yet a writer, it’s probably the case that you enjoyed making up stories when you were a child. Maybe you are an avid reader and you can’t get enough. It’s so much fun to be on the other end of that – creating stories for other people to enjoy.

Humans are meant to be creative. But it’s so often that we fall into the trap and daily pattern of not using our creativity. Life isn’t all serious– and writing fiction gives you an escape and gives your readers an escape. It’s this escape from “normal” life that draws both writers and readers to fiction.

It Can Be Profitable

That image we all had growing up of the “starving writer” just doesn’t hold true anymore. You don’t have to starve for your art. These days, more than ever before, writing fiction can be extremely profitable. You don’t have to go through any gatekeepers or publishers who are telling you that you can’t become a published author.

The fact is that you can easily write a fiction book for Kindle today, publish it today, and even start earning today. We’ll get a little bit into marketing your book and earning money with your book, but just know that if you write great books, publish many books, and follow basic principles of getting making your books get noticed, you can easily become very profitable on Kindle.

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