Choosing Your Genre for Kindle Fiction

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Choosing what you’re going to write about can be somewhat tricky. Maybe you have what you think is a good idea already. Maybe you have no idea at all. You have to maintain a balance between what you would like to write about, what’s profitable, and what readers are already craving.

Think About What You Enjoy

First, think about what you will enjoy writing about. Just because one type of book is very popular right now doesn’t mean you’re going to have a fun time writing in that genre. You have to approach this from a place of fun. What is going to get your creative juices flowing?

When you’re in a bookshop, or browsing on Amazon, what kind of book are you most likely to pick up and buy? It will be a lot easier for you to write in a niche you’re already familiar with as a reader. With that said, you’re definitely not married to any genre in particular. If it’s something you think you’ll enjoy writing about, go for it.

Research What’s Popular On Kindle

Once you have a genre in mind, it’s time to research the genre on Kindle. You want to visit the Kindle bestseller section and really drill down into categories and narrow categories within the larger categories. What are people buying in droves?

Once you have a good idea, it’s time to verify that the idea or genre is profitable. As a general rule, anything ranking under 20,000 on Kindle is a good bet for you. Make sure the genre you choose has plenty of books already in it that are selling well and have many books that have a lot of reviews. This signifies that there is a lot of interest in the genre.

Connect Categories

There are definitely some overlapping genres out there. It is perfectly fine to connect different, successful categories as long as those categories are proven winners…and as long as you have a real interest in them. You can do really well by connecting profitable categories to carve out your own space in the genre and to instantly attract readers that are dying for more.

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