Planning A Series for Kindle Fiction

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I don’t think that you can just decide to write and publish one book and earn untold riches with Kindle. For most successful authors, it takes having several books out on the market before they start to gain any traction at all. For that reason, it’s important to think long-term as you’re planning your book.

I recommend you plan to write a series of books, where the characters and settings share something in common. Or, as is very popular these days, plan to write a serialized novel, where you write and publish segments of a novel at a time. These are essentially shorter pieces of a larger novel, linked together with cliffhangers. The popular Wool series by Hugh Howie was initially released in a serialized fashion.

You Need More Than One Book To Do Well

Maybe it’s taking enough out of you to plan to write one book – why on earth would you plan to write more than one book before you even get started? The simple answer is that you need more than one book to do well. People are going to be interested in some of your books more than others – and it is not possible to predict which they’ll be more interested in.

If one of your books is really popular, you need somewhere for people to go. What are they going to buy next? You want to get them addicted to your content. Think about the authors you tend to love. They probably have more than one book. You probably anticipate their next release and have read everything they’ve previously released. That’s how you want people to feel about you. That is how writers start to make real money as published authors.

Hook Your Readers For Built In Profits

That’s why you need to figure out a way to hook your readers. How are you going to get them to read the next thing you publish? You have to leave them satisfied yet wanting more. Making use of cliffhangers like popular TV shows do is an excellent method.

As you do with marketing, consider what sets you apart as an author. Why are readers going to choose your books over what else is already out there? Think about how you can put your personalized stamp on your fiction books to hook your readers long term.


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