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Writing Prompt: Alien Checkers

Here’s a cute writing prompt you can have some fun with.

It can be written as a children’s story or even as a comedy. The possibilities are endless. 😉


You’re abducted by aliens, but instead of poking and prodding you, they merely want to play a game of checkers.

  • Where did the aliens come from?
  • What is so intriguing to them about playing checkers?
  • Who else have they abducted?
  • What happens to those who can’t play checkers?
  • Describe their planet or space ship.
  • Do the aliens play fair or do they cheat?

Happy Writing!

Writing Prompt: The Photographer

A photographer is out shooting pictures in a park one day–just random shots, not even trying to get the perfect shot.
Once he gets home and looks at the pictures, he spots a woman in one of the shots.
He sees her in several shots and becomes intrigued by her.
In the final shot, through some trees, he sees her being abducted. He feels moved and compelled to save her.


Can’t Focus on Your Writing? It’s a Great Time to Brainstorm New Story Ideas

Hey Writer!

At the time of this post the world is very different than it was a week ago. We’re in the middle of a pandemic and social isolation. I do not want to play on those factors, but the truth is it can be hard to focus right now. Getting into your story world can be very difficult. I know I’m having a hard time with it.

I also know we still need to keep our minds active and keep that creative muscle working. Maybe you can’t focus on your current writing project, but you can play around with new ideas. This could be a great time to fill up your idea box with stories you can write at a later time when things are back to normal. Continue reading

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