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Writing Prompt: OCD Lunch

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If you’ve seen the movie As Good As it Gets with Jack Nicholson, then you already have an idea of what this prompt is about, but of course, I’m going to give you a few angles you can take with this.

Either use this prompt to describe yourself–a dialogue with yourself about how irrational you are or how you think your behavior is perfectly normal.

Or, you can simply use it to describe your actions. It could be serious or humorous.


Or use these questions to dig a bit deeper: Continue reading

Writing Prompt: Alien Checkers

Here’s a cute writing prompt you can have some fun with.

It can be written as a children’s story or even as a comedy. The possibilities are endless. 😉


You’re abducted by aliens, but instead of poking and prodding you, they merely want to play a game of checkers.

  • Where did the aliens come from?
  • What is so intriguing to them about playing checkers?
  • Who else have they abducted?
  • What happens to those who can’t play checkers?
  • Describe their planet or space ship.
  • Do the aliens play fair or do they cheat?

Happy Writing!

Writing Prompt: The Photographer

A photographer is out shooting pictures in a park one day–just random shots, not even trying to get the perfect shot.
Once he gets home and looks at the pictures, he spots a woman in one of the shots.
He sees her in several shots and becomes intrigued by her.
In the final shot, through some trees, he sees her being abducted. He feels moved and compelled to save her.


Writing Prompt: The Collector

A man collects junk and surrounds his house with ever expanding bands of junk. However, inside his house is another world, rarely seen.

In your story, you could address:

  • Why does he collect junk in the first place?
  • Why is he surrounding his house with it?
  • What’s so special/different about the house (inside)?
  • What’s it like inside? Immaculate or a fantasy world, etc.?
  • Does anything special/significant happen inside the house, either to objects or people? To the collector?

Happy Writing!

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